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A small, overwhelmed confession.

Posted by Cat on January 27, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Hi everybody!

Oh wow, I just... I just need to tell you all how amazingly grateful I am to all of you for joining, emailing, helping eachother and opening up about yourselves. I'm so overwhelmed by all of this. There's SO many of you I'm almost struggling to keep up with all your messages etc! I'm really sorry if it takes me a while to relpy these days..! I'm trying my hardest to keep on top of it all! But seriously, thank you so much. All of you xxx

Another exciting thing is that I've just created us a Twitter page if you want to follow us at @UDidelphys ! Let me know what you think!

Right, now for my small confession. Since the beginning of this site, I have gone by the name 'Phoebe'. Which I will probably stick to as my username. But I feel that I need to tell you all that I'm actually called Cat. I'm sorry if any of you feel like I've hidden away, it was simply that I really, REALLY wanted to create this site so that we could all talk to and help eachother... but I was still very shy about my condition. I really hope you understand.

So, let me reintroduce myself...

I'm Cat, I'm 20 this year, I live in the UK and I have Uterus Didelphys. I started this site under the name Phoebe a few years ago, but I am still exactly the same person. I hope you all understand. We all have our usernames, but I felt you should all know a little more about who I actually am :).

All my love in the world,

Cat (formerly Phoebe :))


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Reply Alison
2:32 AM on January 28, 2011 
Hi Cat (formerly Phoebe) :o) no worries about the pseudonym. It's the internet, lots of people use them. I was hesitant about using my real name on here as I have used a pseudonym in these types of situations on the net for so long.

I must say, thanks again for setting this up, I've gone from knowing no-one else with the same condition, to finding there are many of us, all with similar experiences. It's great, and I hope it continues to be reassuring to those who are just discovering about their condition.
Reply Cat
8:58 AM on January 28, 2011 
Hi Alison :) Thank you, that's what I thought. But with so many women emailing me and talking to me, and now that I FINALLY feel entirely comfortable with all of this (partly/HUGELY thanks to this site and the wonderful women on here) I felt I should open up a little, you know? Like everyone else, I use all sorts of usernames elsewhere on the internet but on here, where I have learnt to accept who I am (and try to encourage other ladies to be able to come to the same state of mind), the need for a pseudonym has sort of faded for me. Quite a big step for me really that I'd like to embrace haha :). ...If that makes any sense at all!

Thank you again for your appreciation and support :) It really does mean so, so much. I love how this site has flourished and literally every single last person who has joined up (including the couple of men we've had swing by) have all been so grateful just to find somewhere where others with UD and similar conditions can just talk. That's why it was started and I'm so happy that it's fulfilling that aim. It's helped me endlessly, being able to talk so openly to everybody here. So I'm incredibly glad it can do the same for others :)