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A serious post.

Posted by Cat on October 17, 2011 at 5:10 PM

I have recently had a run in with a member who felt it was appropriate to use our site to find a romantic interest simply because she may have two vaginal entrances. He was using incredibly crude and vile terms such as 'sneaky snake' and saw fit to describe UD as a 'fantasy' for 'every man'. ...Amongst other things. I let him know that it was not appreciated.

Below is what I posted to him. I hope you agree with what I have said. I have posted it as a blog post to make others very aware that while anybody is welcome on this site who has legitimate intentions, wants to know more and to help understanding, I will NOT tolerate disrespect. If you have a form of Uterus Didelphys (or another reproductive condition), know somebody with it or simply want to find out more, you are so, so welcome here. Male or female, that's fine. But absolutely NO ONE will be allowed to continue as a member on this site if I feel that it will put the members who use it legitimately an uncomfortable position.

Again, as always, I am truly grateful to the 99.9.% of you who enjoy this site for the correct purpose. Without you, this site could not exist or benefit those who need it.

Thank you,


(With regards to first paragraph - He tried to challenge me when I asked him to have more respect by saying that marriage is respectful and that he was looking for a legitimate partner...)

"A****. I understand that marriage is of course a legitimate understanding between two people of love and respect.

Not an understanding that they have two vaginas.


Absolutely nobody will be using this site to try and hunt down a wife/romantic interest simply because they have two vaginas. If you happen to meet someone with Uterus Didelphys and you become partners, understand that with the apparent 'fantasy' of having two vaginal entrances, comes a great deal of heartache with having to live with a incredibly rare medical condition.


Although it is entirely possible to conceive and give birth, having a family is far more complex and on top of all of this, from the day she finds out, the woman will have to begin to deal with coming to terms that she is different to how she always thought she was.

It is a HUGE emotional journey and the fact that you may have two vaginas tends to sink to the bottom of your list of priorities. Some women with UD do not even have two vaginas, so your 'fantasy' would be irrelevant.


You have an incredibly twisted view on our condition. I warmly welcome any man or woman who has a partner/knows somebody with Uterus Didelphys and genuinely wants to find out more about it to help and understand.


However, I WILL NOT have anybody on this site who could in ANY way make my ladies feel uncomfortable.

You have conducted yourself in, quite frankly, a predatory manner and I feel highly uncomfortable allowing you to be on the site where people who need support can read your posts.


For that reason, I am afraid I will be removing you from the site due to your incorrect intentions.


I hope you find somebody to settle down and be happy with without having to rely on the anatomy of their genitalia very soon.


Thank you,


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Reply Alyssa
7:49 PM on May 24, 2012 
Thanks Cat for a great post and message to him!
Reply Cat
9:43 AM on May 25, 2012 
Alyssa says...
Thanks Cat for a great post and message to him!

Thank you very much for the support, Alyssa! Xo
4:57 PM on September 8, 2016 

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