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Lauren adele
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Hi everyone I'm so glad I've found this site I feel like know one understands not even the doctors. Ive suffered from extremely painful periods for years so I went on the pill which stopped them all together. Me and my partner tried for a baby for just over a year but with no look and not being able to cope with the period pains I decided to get checked out which resulted in finding two wombes and two cervix,s. After a long chat with my boyfriend I decided to go back on the pill as I was missing weeks of work due to the pains. I am now having two periods a month both very heavy, does anybody else have this? Could my wombs not be in sync making me have two periods? Any experiences or advice would be a massive help. Thanks
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Hello Lauren, Yes, periods being out of sync is entirely possible. My have been out of sync, that I know of, a few times: wherever I started/stopped any contraception, birth, and sometimes an infection (like a year infection it something) can knock them off track. Mine usually take about a year to fully sync again. Hang in there, your body should sort itself out.
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