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I'm 21 and I was diagnosed with a complete UD in August of last year. Since then I have had surgery to remove my vaginal septum. Since diagnosis I've had two ovarian cysts (one at time of diagnosis), Endometriosis (consistent, for life) and mixed opinions on my ability to have children. I've decided I dont want to attempt pregnancy, since the birth rate it so unpredictable, and I dont feel I could handle miscarriges. My OBGYN disagrees and refuses to perform a hysterectomy. My family also doesnt understand or support this decision. I just feel that I would like to make my own choice about my future. I didnt ask for UD nor did it ever cross my mind as a possiblity, I just want to make one choice and control my own future. Im happy to adopt and I've become mentally prepared for what that means for my future. I dont want people constantly telling me "just try" "just once" if I take the option away entirely, then everyon else can get to where I am... Sorry if I'm rambling, but I have no one who understands where I'm coming from. This is my life and i dont want to spend the rest of it on Birth Control, afraid of getting pregnant.

If anyone has had a hysterectomy I'd love to hear how it was for you.

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