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Hi Ladies!

I was diagnosed surprisingly after my 5th pap smear at 23 years of age (now 27). I have two uteruses, 2 cervix (don't know about kidneys yet...oh this has been a process trying to get information from any doctors, noone seems to know about this condition, all a guessing game) This actually came as a relief since I was never able to wear tampons (always leaked or hit a wall), always had multiple periods in a month (very heavy bleeding, seveer cramping and hormones and so on) and pain after orgasms. My question is does anyone else experience pain after orgasm, if so have you found out the reason why?

Let me explain a bit. After I orgasm I experience SEVERE pain in my lower abdomine (when I say severe i mean passout or puke severe) the only thing that helps is a hot hot (almost unbearably hot) bath. This pain can last anywhere from 1 min-12 min (longest was 12 minutes). I have been t the hopsital numerous times (internal and external ultrasounds and xrays) all came up nothing wrong, no cysts nothing. I'm currently participating in pelvic physio however hasnt been doing anything for the pain. The pain is like a internal burning/cramping near my ovaries and lower vaginal area. I'm scheduled for a MRI (however the wait is outrageous). The only time I don't have pain after orgasm is a week after my period. 

any suggestions help:)


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Paula Marie
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I have UD and have experienced painful orgasm. I don't have them as much anymore but it was quite common for me convulse, vomit or pass out. Sometimes all three. I still convulse every once in awhile which in its self can be painful. I don't know how helpful this is and I've never brought it up with my Dr. I hope it gets better for you!
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