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Hiya! New to this site (I'm really glad it exists) and I hoped you ladies might be able to help me out. I get semi frequent thrush infections (about 3x a year) and have it at the moment. I've just treated for it with a 6 day clomazol but it doesn't seem to have cleared up. I have uterus didelphys and a vaginal septum that divides me from about a centimetre in, relatively evenly.

My question is- has anyone else faced this problem? And what do you do to treat when it happens? I usually try get half the cream in each side but I'm wondering if anyone's doctors prescribe twice the amount of cream for twice the amount of vaginal surface area. This seems logical to me but mine seem really reluctant (although I'm yet to bring this up with my specialist), and maybe it doesn't work that way. Thoughts?

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