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Just curious if anyone actually got to see the images of their uterus. 

When they did the Ultrasound, they called in every nurse, student doctor, everyone!!  And I didn't even get to see!  Then I had an MRI, those images went from the specialist, to my family doctor, and still, nothing for me.  I have been shown some lovely (like a 3 yo could have done them) hand drawings by one of the doctors to show that I have two completely seperate uteri, two cervices and two vaginas(they don't join up again at the top), with two ovaries and two fallopian tubes.

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Hi there,


Yes I have!!! Infact I have colour photographs of my insides...a little too graphic actually but fascinating nonetheless! I have many many ultrasound images, also an HSG xray, which show both wombs shapes filled with dye so its really clear...and then I had one of many lap and dyes done and the surgeon took photos of my wombs so she could use them to train students...I think I may have ended up in some literature somewhere!!


I think you should definately ask if you can get something visual...after all they areyour insides, and you deserve to see what they look like!


Emma x

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No, I haven't either.  Though it has been pointed out to me when I've had ultrasounds, but doesn't really look like anything on the screen.


I also got a hand drawn picture of where in the uterus forming process my body went haywire, and what I now have. 

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My doctor was testing a 3d ultrasound machine and was so excited to try it on me! I have requested to see it and he is getting me some pics. They get so excited by our condition (because its so rare) that they forget that you are curious too!

I've moved often and always made sure I had an OB/GYN. Some are unfamiliar with it, but once I got married I started looking for one who had experience. One doctor could hardly find his was around my septum and then offered to cut it out... yikes! If you can't even get around it, I don't want you down there with a knife or laser!! lol

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I have actually now seen my UD.  I had a laparoscopy in Feb 2011, and the surgeon showed me the photos they took inside my stomach.  It's pretty cool to see to be honest, in my case, there's a large gap between the two uteri, it looks like a Y.  I didn't get to keep the pics though.

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i want to see mine too! i just had my first ultrasound (21 weeks preg), but i couldn't tell on screen. the perinatologist drew me a diagram of my two uteri, but i haven't seen the images. i plan to ask for them at the next visit.

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