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Hi There

I am 20 years old and found out at the start of the year I have UD (2 of everything) i had been having pain during sex and decided to go to the docs, after some ultra sounds they discovered the UD...I am on a waitlist (very long waitlist) to get the septum removed and hopefully that fixes th e painful sex (wall hitting pain)

anyway the docs also said they will do a laproscopy to see if I had endometriosis apparently it is linked with UD - has anyone found this is the case? any other health related issues with UD?

Also with papsmeres, do I have to get both Vaginas/cervixes checked?

so glad I found this site! its nice to read and hear from poeple going through the same thing.

(I also have 1 lung and my heart is on the wrong side  - haha what was mum doing when i was concieved! )



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Yes, endometriosis is more often found with women who have uterine anomalies like UD.  I have endometriosis.   A laparoscopy is the only acurate way to confirm whether you have endo, and usually they can treat it while they're doing the laparoscopy, though it won't get rid of it forever, it's a help in reducing the symptoms for a while.

The other issue that can be more common with UD is issues with your kidneys, ie; a missing kidney, or an additional kidney, etc.

You need to get both cervix checked with a pap smear (though they never can find my left one even though it's there).

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