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My question is to anyone who has been pregnant with UD in the UK. After confirming the pregnancy with your doctor, where do you go from there?

I was told I'd be 'high-risk' under consultant care. Do you have to wait ages to see a consultant? Do you have an earlier scan than at the regular 12 weeks? Etc etc?

Many thanks!!


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I lived in the UK for 7 years, but m/c'd the pregnancy I conceived while living there, so don't have any pregnancy monitoring experience.

I'd expect you'd be referred to a public hospital obstetrician.  Here in New Zealand, they like to see you around the 20 week mark.

Your best bet is to ask your GP or your lead maternity carer if it's different to your GP.

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Hi , Im in Scotland. I've suffered two miscarriages this year and been diagnosed with UD. As UD does not cause early miscarriages I was referred for blood tests which have revealed that I have a blood clotting disorder. I've been told that for my next pregnany I will be treated with low dose aspirin, heparin blood thinning injections each day and also progesterone. I will receive regular scans aswell to check growth etc. I am under consultant care. My consultant does not seem overly concerned about the uterus as he has seen several woman with different severities of it. Also mentioned that they have been able to give birth naturally aswell. Good luck to you

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Hi, I live in the UK in Oxfordshire. I have had two children through the NHS and am expecting my third. I was diagnosed with a septum before I concieved my first child. I have had two sections as both children were breach (both girls) and both very different levels of care etc, now on the third pregnancy they have discovered I have two wombs, they have not given me any information on this, any extra information or idea of any extra care, infact its almost like they are not really bothered.

I am under consultant care but the conversations have been very brief and just surrounded setting a date for the C-section as I was given the impression a natural birth is not possible, I also thinik the fact I have had two breach children gives them and me the idea that the baby can't turn due to the reduced size because of the two wombs. I have no idea about technical terms or anything but I havbe always noticed kicks on one side only so i think I am only implanting in one side, but again no investigation or conversation regarding this.

In my opinion the NHS is over worked and under funded, the government do not see this as they all go to private hospitals to have their children and only look at facts and figures presented to them and not at patient experience and look at how they could resolve issues as both of my births have been emergencies as there was a lack to listen to me during later stages of pregnancy when I was experiencing issues. I have felt a lot calmer with this pregnacy though as I feel I know best (instinct) after two I feel confident I will know when soemthing is wrong and will fight for help if I need it, this reasures me.

I don't mean that I am going to the doctors/midwife every minute, its quite the oposite, I am going less than with previouse pregnancies so its making life easier. My big piecve of advcie is listen to your body, if you feel something is wrong get help, widwifes/doctors 50% of the time get it wrong (I can account for this twice - I had to convince I was having a second breach baby and with first water broke and then I delievered two weeks later).

Life is so preciouse and when your little one is born that is all the more visual as you see this tiny life you have created breathing and moving, don't let people take the joy, happiness out of your experience, fight for what you need and feel. You have to ask with the NHS!

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