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Hello,I am so glad that am not the only one out there with this condition.It is a relieve since ever since the time when i was diagnosed with this condition three years ago,i have never met someone whom we share the same problem.My UD was diagnosed three years ago and it was a heart breaking moment . I had been trying to conceive for two years with no luck,this time i had conceived and i was one month pregnant but unfortunately i got a miscarriage.This is the time i decided to go see a gynecologist and after the check ups she broke the devastating news to me that i had UD.I didnt have anybody to share with since nobody really understood what i was suffering from ,even my boyfriend whom i was living with at that moment was shattered by the news and he didnt know how to handle the situation.Everyone could only sympathize with me but no one could help me with what i needed,the right information.I went to see several other gynecologist and they didnt even help much,some of them even made it worse by telling me that i couldnt get a baby with that condition.They made me lose hope and become depressed,my boy friend too couldnt take the news since he really wanted a kid and he started going out with other women.I felt like my life had no meaning at all since i really wanted a baby and there was no one to help me out.I visited another gynecologist who at least gave me some hope by telling me that its possible for them to do some tests on me so that they can know if one of my uteri can support pregnancy but the tests were so expensive and i was financially down and my boyfriend refused to part with the amount saying there was no guarantee that after the tests i will conceive,my family opted for a fund raising but i told them not to,since God created me this way with a purpose..I broke up with my boy friend since he really wanted someone who could give him a kid and i wasnt certain i would.So i turned to God and into a life of prayer.Sometimes i would cry myself out and ask God so many questions,asking Him why i had to go through all those temptations.God gave me courage and i was able to accept myself and my condition,I took UD as part of me and i could even share it freely with my friends who only sympathized with me.I even avoided getting into other relationships since i didnt want to be rejected by another man because of my condition.Every time any man approached me i would turn them down but a few of them i could tell them about my condition and someone would only run away and not approach me again..I leaned on God for support and strength and He gave me exactly that.I joined a prayer house in Nairobi and i shared my problem with my priest who really encouraged me to have faith in Jesus and advised me to pray without ceasing.I dedicated myself to a prayerful life and i had faith that God would bless me sooner than never.The Rev .Fr Anthony gave me prayers and bible verses to pray and read for three consecutive months and he told me that within that time i will definitely see a miracle.I believed him since i had witnessed many testimonies from several pple in the vincentian prayer house who got healed through prayers.In the mean time i had met another man whom i had become friends with and whom i told everything about me even about my UD problem.He accepted me for who i was and i thanked God for getting somebody who accepted me with my weaknesses.I continued with my prayers and even before the three months were over i realized i was pregnant,I couldnt hold the joy i felt in my heart,i was so overwhelmed .I went to thank God for his miracle through attending the holy mass.I broke the news to my boyfriend then and he was astonished as i had told him that the doctors had told me that i couldnt give birth.He didnt understand how it happened if i had tried it with my ex boyfriend for three years with no luck and here i was only within the first month of our intimate relationship i conceived??but i knew better since i know it was a miracle from God and he answered my prayer at the right time..My boyfriend rejected my baby and told me that he never planned for the pregnancy and he wont take responsibility.He accused me of trapping him and making up stories that i couldnt give birth and even about my UD.I went to see my gynecologist and he advised me to take a scan to check on the progress of my baby,i didnt have money at the moment for the medical check ups and so i approached my boy friend who instead of helping me out hailed insults at me accusing me of being materialistic.He also accused me of being liar and he told me that all i wanted was a man to father my baby and thats why i trapped him and now i want to put responsibilities to him which he cant take.So We broke up after that and I felt so heartbroken since i thot he was happy for me but on the other hand he wasnt.I looked for money elsewhere and i went for the tests which made me so happy as i was told that my baby was developing normally although in one of the uteri.I was told to be going for check ups now and then and with the news i even forgot about the heartbreak and i so concentrated on the best welfare of my unborn baby which was a true gift from God.I couldnt retain the joy i felt,i shared the good news with my family and friends who were so happy for me.Now am on my 30th week of my pregnancy and am the happiest expectant mother.I cant wait for the next two months to be over to be able to hold my baby.The doctors told me i can have a C-section to have my baby removed when the due date comes or i would be lucky to have a normal birth.Whatever the case i dont mind and i pray to God for my baby to be a healthy baby and bless me too to be able to take good care of him since his father rejected him.But as the bible says in JN6:37 " I will not reject anyone who comes to me." So the earthely father may reject us but our heavenly father will never rejects us..Thanks so much for this group,i really needed to share my experience with someone and am glad i joined this group.

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