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My mum has UD and has agonising periods.

I've also inherited the agonising periods.

Although my pain isn't always on my period its usually cause because i've done too much walking during the day or standing.

Thing is. I'm trying to find out more about UD as I know my mum has it. And I feel abnormalities.

I tried to use tampons, well i use them but its really ocward as I have to press them on the right hand side. If it goes on the left it gets stuck,doesnt work and hurts way more. But if I use it normal it slides out the left side even though the tampon hasn't been fully used.

I really just need to be more information on it. I've had a rough time and it's only now that an ultra sound has been organised after 6years or so of this pain.

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Research I've read says it could be.  No one I know has it.  But not like everyone has had a HSG.  I didn't know till then.  But my period have always been mild until I got off birth control.  Now they are horrible.  So if your not TTC. Birth control may be an option.  I'm going to have a consult with a perinatologist or a maternal fetal medicine doctor next week.  If you find one of them where you live, they may be able to talk to you about UD and all its complications.  Hope this helps.

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once i get the date for my ultra sound I can then find out the likely hood. I really can't find a lot of information on it. But from what I heard from others who have it, and my mum is that there is a highly likelyhood it is the same thing I have.

It mostly worries me just because of the level of pain I go through, there is no outline anywhere on what they can do for people in that situation.

I'm a model and therefore it gets a little complicated when it comes to periods and the like for professionalism, ie I've been told a lot go on the pill or get the implant. But even if I do go on these things I doubt it would help as the pain isn't just caused by the period its self.

My mothers whome is also not set in the same place as most. ie she has an overy at her tummy and one on her spine. And if its genetic, its likely mine could be displaced to. N likely in my hip area causing all my issues.

I don't really want to be put on a contraceptive pill, i'm a lesbian(with 1 long term partner) and i just think it would seem weird to everyone if i had to be. or any contraception in general. maybe im just stubborn.

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Yes, UD can run in families.  If you have a direct female relative with it your chances of having it, or another uterine anomaly are a lot greater.

If you're getting such pain, definitely get it checked out by someone who is experienced in uterine issues, and who knows about your mothers condition.

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