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I'm trying to concieve and it's been 13 months.  I just found out I have UD after they started testing me for infertility.  For those of you who concieved, how long did it take?  Thanks!

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My mum had me with severe UD which was discuvered on a pregnancy scan.

Its now 19years on and this is the first time shes been able to concieve since i was born, shes six months on an only found out she was pregnant last week,

Also My aunt i believe has UD n she had a miscarriage and a still birth in this year alone..

I guess its just luck like everyone else..x

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It took us 3.5 years to conceive the first time, but that ended in early miscarriage.  Another 1.5 years later we conceived again (so 5 years all up for our first child).

This time round, we've conceived our 2nd child after 2 years trying.

However, I also have endometriosis.  I don't believe that UD alone is a reason for difficulty conceiving.  But other fertility related issues do tend to be a lot more common with women with uterine anomalies like UD

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It took us 6 years to concieve our son and all was perfect right from the start to finnish.

my second pregnancy only took 3 months of trying to our suprise but sadly ended at 7 weeks. So we will try again and see how long it takes the third time.

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It took us a year to conceive the first time, but unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks.  The second and successful pregnancy only took 6 months of trying.

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It took me 11 cycles to concieve my first baby, but unfortunately it ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks, just before christmas last year. 

I'm on my 2nd cycle since the loss now, so fingers crossed. 


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Michelle L
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I never had a problem concieving, very fertile. I planned a pregnancy I stopped taking my birth control and 7 days after I concieved. I carried him in my right uterus for 37 weeks, he was breach, standing up the entire time. My specialist OBGYN decided to take him out C-section because he wasn't getting any bigger 6 pounds 7oz with a big head, made it hard to breathe and stand up. My left side not so sure because it's tipped.

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Once an endocrinologist corrected my hormone problem (high prolactin) it took us 1 month to conceive using clomid to help me ovulate. I carried my son in my right uterus to 39 weeks, and he did turn despite it's small size. He was born 6 lbs 7oz.

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