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Hello everyone.

My name is Haley and I am 21. I learned I had a vaginal septum and a heart-shaped uterus when I was 18, but I had a clue that something was up before that. It started when I had trouble using tampons comfortably. I was also confused why they sometimes leaked and sometimes worked. My periods were also incredibly painful, and heavy, making me physically ill with a fever and nausea every time. One of the first times I had sex I got a vaginal tear, but the doctor couldn't find anything. I continued to try and have sex but it was almost always painful. It wasn't until I was in college and getting my annual women's exam for my birth control when my doctor noticed something unusual with my anatomy. She referred me to a gynecologist who, using ultrasound, diagnosed me with what he called “müllerian dysgenesis”, a birth defect resulting in a partial or incomplete fusion of the sex organs during fetal development. Under the name he gave me, I found almost no information regarding my condition. I have since seen a fertility specialist who thought that because of the heart-shaped uterus, I will likely still be able to have children, although possibly with some complications, and a higher chance of miscarriage. I figure I’ll worry about that more when I’m ready to have kids. As far as the vaginal septum, the fertility specialist recommended, if I want, I could get surgery to remove it. I am still struggling with the decision to get the surgery or not. I have a lot of concerns still.

But that’s why I’m glad I found you guys. I have been looking for a site like this to get information and talk to other people with a condition I thought was incredibly rare. I feel a little less alone now to know that you guys are out there. And you’re okay. I think I will be okay too. So, thank you. And nice to meet you all. 

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I have had almost the exact same experience as you, I live in England and the only difference in our stories is that I kept getting recurrent cystitis which is why I went to see a doctor and after a year I finally got to see a gyno who referred me to a specialist to be examined. It was only after I waited for the results and kept phoning up my gyno that I got a half-arsed explanation 3 months after my internal examination! So yeah, sound slike we've both been messed around! Inbox me if you'd like to talk more about it, I'm also uncertain whether or not to go for the operationas I am in a long term relationship and don't want to put more stress on it! x

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