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Hi, Im currently undergoing invetsigations to determine for certain whether I have UD. I was told at my D&C that I have but I know its often misdiagnosed and can be a septum. Im getting an MRI next week and also waiting for a hysteroscopy.

Ive been doing research and the more Im reading people with UD all seem to have a double vagina. I have an upper vaginal septum but definetely not a complete seperation from the entrance. Can anyone tell me please if they have this? All I know for certain is I have two seperate cavities, two cervixes, an upper vaginal septum and one kidney


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Hi there I two have a septum that does not go all the way down to the vagina it goes about two and a half inches past the cervixes then stops I found out by MRI

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I am also in the same situation. I have a partial vaginal septum (about 1/2 way down my vagina) and two cervixes. However, my doctor has not been able to find the opening to my right cervix due to it "not being dilated in a long time." The radiologist told me I had a complete uterine septum but my doctor is positive I have UD. It is confusing and frustrating to not know what I have. I have had an ultrasound and a hysterosalpingogram. My insurance will not pay for an MRI. I will likely have my septum removed before trying to have children, and my doctor said they could do a laproscopic view of my uterus at the same time to find out for sure.

I am actually hoping for a uterine septum because a septum can be easily removed and your risk of miscarriage is quite lower after. However, my doctor says that I cannot have two separate cervixes with a septate uterus (which I have read online of people who do..?). Anyways...I will be glad when I have the surgery and find out what is wrong!  I hope you find out something conclusive as well.

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Hi. I learned when I shortly started having a period that my septum goes all the way to the opening of my septum, causing doctors like my OB to miss it when they exam me.

They did a regular vaginal ultrasound and saw that I had 2 uteri and 2 cervix and the septum seperated the 2 cervix and went all the way. One thing that iritated me about the doc that was telling me about this was that even though I had 2 functioning uteri I was having one period. And I'm thinking to myself no I have two since both of them are working and are bleeding, even if they menstrate at the same time. But because they menstrate at the same time the doc said it was one period. It was very fustrating.

I am pregnant now (37 weeks) and I have read other womens stories of the septum tearing or ripping and getting caught on the baby while having a vaginal birth. So I am nervous about having a vaginal birth because of the possibility of the septum tearing or ripping. So as soon as I am able to I am going to have the septum removed.

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