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My name is Victoria. I am 19 and newly married and pregnant with our first child. Her name is Arabella Taylor and she is due Jan 24th. :)

I first noticed there was something off down below when I was 12, I started my period and the tampon wasn't working. I mean it orked like it was supposed to but I was bleeding through and on to my underwear. So one day I decided to feel inside and try to figure out if I ws putting it in wrong or something and notice it was like thre were two holes inside of the one. I told my mom and she didn't understand. She was like yeah your pee hole and your vagina hole. I tried so hard to get her to understand. Well she read my diary and finally understood what I was talking about. She to me an OB and the lady said I had a septum inside the vagina. Well my mom thought letting me get it removed would be giving me a free pass to have sex, needless to say at that age I didn't know what fingering was. Thank goodness I ha ben rised by y grandmother for a few years which helped round me out unlike many of the young and younger girls these days.

Well I met my dad when I was 17, and the first time I visited him for Thanksgiving (year of '09) I met my grandma for the first time too. And we were going over the family tree which I thought was really cool since I love history and we started talking about me being born and the whole drama there. Well she blurted out how the doctor told her I had 2 uteri. I flipped out. I didn't know what she was talking about. Well in '10 I moved in with my dad and stepmom, we went to the OB and discovered my grandmother was right. But not only do I have 2 uteri but I also have 2 cervix and a vertical vaginal septum. This septum gives me a small left side and a right side...

Because the left side is so much smaller and tighter I tend to have sex on the right side. Well I'm 19 and will be 20 this year and I am 37 weeks pregnant. Little miss priss is being very stubborn and is breech.


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in fact my story is very similar! And yet it took me so long to find out that i'm not the only one ;-) So how are you doing now? How was birth?

I'm trying to get pregnant and i hope it won't last too long, because my Gyn explained to me, i could only get pregnant every second month, because of the vertical septum in the vagina. I've also got 2 uteri, 2 cervix and the vertical septum in the vagina. The gyn also told me i would need a cesarean to give birth, otherwise the septum could be damaged and cicatrize badly... so i'm very interested how your pregnancy was, and the birth of course;-)

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