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Hi there.

I am just a guy with questions.

Here we go.  If a woman has this feature, gives birth to a son, this son grows up and marries a woman without this feature, and then has a daughter, will what will the likeliehood that this granddaughter inherit this feature?

You should have a medical specialist in this site to answer medical questions, in my opinion.

This site is interesting.  I only heard of this feature recently, when the news of Hazel Jones came out.

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My OB told me this is NOT an inherited condition, I know of no one in my family that has uterus didelphys. It's just simply something that happens (or rather doesn't happen when a fetus is forming.)

What happens is when a baby is forming in its morthers tummy the uterus starts in two parts, then it joins and becomes one, uterus didelphys is just the result of the two uterus not coming together.

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Alexandra Ross
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It's not a genetic condition, just a random mutation that can happen. There aren't, as of yet, any known causes; something I keep trying to explain to my mother whenever she worries about this being her fault for living too near power lines (e_e).

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Dancing Ice Princess
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I have never heard of anyone in my family with this condition. However, my concern is my aunt had ectopic pregnancy. I just hope this won't happen in my case.


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My grandmother thinks my UD and Endometriosis are her fault for taking a morning sickness pill (which she vomited back up) while pregnant with my mother!! When I YouTube'd the Hazel Jones story I was surprised at how misinforming it was about UD. It's definately not hereditary and is just random. We're all just extra special!! 

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