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New here!


My name is Ashlee and in 2008 at the early age of 17 I gave birth to a health little girl Lillian. Although she was healthy I had a long pregnancy with more information about myself that I never imagined.

At 10 weeks I have my first ultrasound which confirmed my "Heart Shaped" uterus. But this was no heart- this septum comes down completely causing me to have two uterus, two cervix, and two vaginal openings.

We planned a c-section at 38 weeks and everything went as planned-- she is now a healthy&intelligent 3, almost 4, year old!

I went to the doctor today to discuss some issues that I've been to "shy" to speak about. Im 21, happily married to the father of Lillian & just cant seem to get "in the mood" any more. When I mentioned this to my doctor that I've been seening since 2007 he stated that the pain i have during sex caused from the vaginal septum could make my anxienty &feeling shy away from sex...

Who has had removed & felt it made your sex life better?

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i have not, but many others on this site have from what i read, i didnt see anything about making it better, but i am here to tell you my point!..... i have same exact thing, i was `16 had daughter im 34 have had 5 children (my tubes are tied both sets haha) and when i have sex, i am the one who enters the thingy. he dont i do, that way i know my left side is waaaaay smaller then my right, it hurts. so i insert pushing a little to my right to have it go in the more relaxed one! while alone, find out for yourself which side is tighter or relaxed then the other, best way is to do it yourself, and avoid any issues. learn your own body, then you can have more time to enjoy with your man!

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p.s. i have had to have 5 c-sections due to this, so sounds you are definatly in the same boat as me :( sorry to be honest sad.... did you have to have a csection?

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Hi, I had my septum removed but not because of sex but because of wanting to become pregnant. Before I had mine removed there were a couple of instances, during sex, when I was in pain (due to him entering on my left and smaller side). Since having my septum removed I can still become uncomfortable due to the scar tissue and can sometimes bleed a little after sex. You will, if they do it the same way as they did mine, be left with a ridge at the top and bottom as they cannot trim the septum right down to the wall (if you get what I mean). I don't think it makes a difference much but if you think it will make you feel better and make you feel better about sex then think about it... if you want to ask anything further just holler... here for you x

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