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Alexandra Ross
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I have a few (actually lots!) of questions about this stuff. I figured it made sense to create different topics for the different topics.

About birth control. 

I've been on the pill since I was sixteen because of cramping and nausea, but I've been thinking a lot recently about coming off it. I'm on anti-depressants and I think that the combination is really killing my sex drive :(. I'm a bit nervous about relying entirely on condoms. I've got a septum and two cervices- would IUDs, diaphragms, etc work?

Does anyone with a septum use BC that isn't the pill or condoms? 

(I was wondering if this whole post was TMI, but then I remembered that this is a forum devoted to genitals so...)

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Dancing Ice Princess
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I am sorry this is happening to you. I have an unusual experience being on the pill too.

I used the pill last November 2012  til January 2013 - it messed up my menstrual calendar. January - I missed my period and found that I have a cystic follicle (as per the OB, the egg cell didn't mature enough). I am experiencing sharp pains every now & then. Was given Duphaston to make me bleed, now - I just started my period. And have been experiencing dizziness (until now as I am typing), black spots in my eyes (earlier today), cold palms, chill down my spine and numbness in my cheeks.

Not sure if this can help.


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i think it would be best to talk to your gyno about it , they would give you the right advice and steer you the correct direction in regards to what birth control would be best

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Alexandra Ross
Posts: 6

I'm from the UK so I don't have a gynecologist, I usually just see my GP. My current GP hadn't ever heard of my condition before and said we'll have to learn about it together, not always what you want to hear from your doctor. Still I suppose I can probably ask her to send me to a gynecologist so that's probably the best idea

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I have been on the pill since being 17. A few years back a doctor suggested having the coil fitted. When I explained I have two wombs, he said ' no probs, I'll fit two coils'. NOT HAPPENING, didnt see him again lol.

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Hey, I have two Mirena IUDs - one in each Uterus - I've had them in for almost a year and have had no issues except for cysts on my ovaries every time I ovulate (a side effect of the Mirena when it's combined with endometriosis and other things) which prove to be quite painful and hospital is becoming a little too regular. Before I found out I had UD I had 4 Mirenas that grew into the muscles of my uterus due to them being unable to position properly because of my Uteruses. Although I have had some problems with Mirena IUDs I still love them - they work well for me. Talking to your doc is the best way to go as they know your history specifically. I'm lucky I have such a fantastic specialist that I trust completely! X

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Angela K
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I came on here because I was curious about the same thing! :P I have been on several types of bc pills but they always gave me horrible cramps/bleeding (esp. bad with this condition) .. I'm not on any form of bc at the moment, but wanted to know if anyone had tried any non-hormonal forms of bc (besides condoms/spermicide). The idea of two IUDs is intriguing, haha.

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I was on nuva ring for 10 years and it caused me a LPD, which is fixed now. I dont know about an iud, would you need 2?

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