Healthy UD Babies Healthy UD Babies 20 week Here's a picture of my little boy at 20 weeks, growing in the left uterus. All is well! 93790866 At birth Here's a picture of my daughter, Grace, at birth. She was healthy, born 38w6d, weighing 8 lbs, 6 oz, 20.5 inches long. 93791044 My beautiful girls! Both born at 37 weeks at normal birth weights. I have a complete double uterus, double cervix and double vagina. Both girls were delivered by C-section :) 113881419 Jaiden My healthy baby, born naturally even with UD carried 39+4 wks. The only problem I had through out my pregnancy was that my blood was too thick so had to have Clexane Injections daily from wk4 until wk 38, which has helped a lot. 125059634 Healthy Second Baby with Septum & Two Wombs 141842165 Healthy first baby form lady with two wombs and a Vaginal Septum 141842166 Ameerah 1 day old This is my beautiful daughter Ameerah, born at 28 weeks, 2lb 5oz 156559581 Ameerah 1 weeks old Ameerah was an amazing little fighter and after 4 days need no breathing assistance! This is her size compared to my hand 156559582 Ameerah 20 months This is Ameerah at 20 months old. A beautiful healthy toddler ! 156559583 Illiyas 4 years old This is my son Illiyas at 4 years old. He is a happy healthy little boy! 156559584 Illiyas day 2 Illiyas was born at 32 weeks, 3lb 3oz with (IUGR) 156559585 Natural delivery at 39weeks + 4days This is my son at one day old. His birth weight was 6 pound 13, and 50cm long. Very grateful for our healthy little bundle of joy. 177992941 My Baby Girl Alexandria 179793101 My Baby Boy Noah 179793102 My sweet girls! Mia age 5 Ella age 6 mo 188537206