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I was diagnosed with a uterus didelphys when I was 30.  Have since had surgery, tests etc gone on to have 6 pregnancies, 2 ended in miscarriage before 12 weeks, lost one at 20 weeks and now have 3 children aged 11, 7 and 4 years life is hectic... don't give up I didn't:) I signed up to this website to help others - I am here if ANYONE wants to chat I am a very open person who is willing to discuss anything if it helps xx

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Reply Nell
8:43 AM on October 3, 2012 
Hi Alix, so sorry for such a long time before I replied!!!! NO EXCUSE! I miscarried just after my surgery to remove my septum was pregnant before (but only after a histosalpingagram - where they insert dye into your womb so they can see what is going on via an xray) which they didn't pick up, that loss was at 10 weeks. Second pregnancy resulted in my daughter now 10 born at 38 weeks by section, 3rd loss at 8 weeks, 4th my son now 6 got pregnant via clomid as I wasn't ovulating, 5th loss at 20 weeks my son (heartbreaking) and 6th and final my son now 3 light of my life. My daughter was in my left and smallest side they kept a close eye on me had they thought I was in any danger they were going to deliver her earlier.. hope this helps x
Reply Alix
9:52 PM on September 14, 2009 
Hey Nell, just a quick thought about the pregnancies - did you miscarry before you carried to term? or were the live births scattered in between? Just remember reading some stories from women with bicornuate, who suggested that the uterus stretched more with each pregnancy, which eventually allowed them to carry to term
Reply Cat
8:21 PM on August 5, 2009 
Hey Nell :) haven't spoken to you in a while, hope you're okay,
Love Phoebe xxx
Reply Cat
9:01 AM on May 25, 2009 
Hey Nell and Emma :)

Hope you don't mind me having a bit of a nose about and a read, but I'm really interested in what both of you have to say and it's obviously very helpful to me, being quite a bit younger than both of you, to know about the possibilities that the future may bring about. Also, I'm really happy that you two have been talking! Very much the point of the website as I've stressed enough now I think haha.
But yes, hello and I'm very happy you two can help eachother so much :) And thankyou for helping me too :)
Much love xxx
Reply Nell
7:05 AM on May 22, 2009 

I am more than happy to help in anyway and I reiterate am also more than happy to answer ANY questions you want answers to as long as I have the answers :-).

I was actually living in the Middle East when I finally was diagnosed with this condition and therefore had most of the procedures etc done there. I brought all the information/results/scans back with me and produced them to my consultant when pregnant. I fully back you, they should offer you a HSG, but don't put your faith in the fact that it will give you all the answers if it does its a bonus but if it doesn't then you won't be disappointed.

I am quite surprised they didn't just take you into theatre to deliver your son with a vaginal septum delivery naturally would have been an impossibility and putting both of you at risk...

I have an idea of how you must be feeling and its is not a nice place to be. Your husband probably just feels totally useless being a man they don't understand and its hard for them to see us in so much pain both emotional and physical without being able to do anything about it... Just let him know how you feel, he is probably in pain too :-)

I was on clomid 50mg a day for 5 days for a month (about May 2005) then 100mg a day for 5 days (June 2005) in the second month and then I got pregnant with my son who is now three, felt absolutely awful on it, makes you feel so depressed and I am usually such an upbeat person!

I know the resentment you feel towards 'normal' women for getting pregnant at the drop of a hat but we are better than them because look at the pain, blood, sweat and tears we go through to have our kids when all they do is lie on their back, probably drunk, and bobs your uncle!!! We cherish our kids so much more, and I don't care if that is wrong to say I have seen it with my own eyes and our kids will be better people at the end of the day and be loved unconditionally...

My first pregnancy was before I had my septum removed and they removed it now knowing I was pregnant, the HSG must have cleared out my tubes. They told me my right tube was totally scarred and wouldn't work yet I have been pregnant in the right side the most!!! I knew I got pregnant before as we were unable to have sex after the operation for 6 weeks and I lost the baby during that time!! That was June 2001, pregnant with my daughter in November 2001 born in July 2002, lost another the following year around November 2003 then on the clomid for my son, whose 3 which was 2005 born March 2006. Pregnant again naturally May 2007 and lost him at 20 weeks (natural delivery) September 2007. Didn't think it would happen again and it has. I do believe the more you think about it the more it won't happen as you are not relaxed.

You waffle all you want LOL am hear to listen and help you in any way I can. Listen here is my email address [email protected] as it is easier to read and reply to long mails that way feel free to contact me anytime you want with any questions you want.

Good luck with the scan on Tuesday, I have a GP appt that day too so will be thinking of you and will keep you fingers crossed it is a positive result. Don't be disheartened if it isn't, will be around if you want a chat afterwards. Don't give up hope believe me if you want to succeed you will.

I hope I am not out of turn here but what nationality is your consultant? The reason I ask is that the doctor who diagnosed me was Lebanese she was brilliant, my consultant who delivered my daugther was British (and a nutcase loved her to bits), with my son British male (so up his own backside) and my consultant now (as I asked to change due to difference of opinion) is Pakistani. I don't have a racist bone in my body but I do believe that if your consultant is foreign and younger (as in not in 45 upwards) they are more in tune with the newest medical techniques and also brought up with better bedside manner. Maybe if you are not happy with your doctor (and if you are I am sorry for saying this) then ask to be seen by someone else, after all you are entitled to another opinion.

Take care, will keep looking out for your reply and don't give up hope please if you feel down get in contact and I will try and lift your spirits :-) :-) lots of smiley faces for you and your familyx x x
Reply [email protected]
5:06 AM on May 22, 2009 
Hi Nell,

Finding you has been a bit of a blessing!!! You've answered more questions than half the medical staff I've had prodding and poking me over the years!
The HSG I was refering to was the hysterosalpingogram you mentioned....I think i need that for a couple of reasons....a) to actually determine my anatomy and b) to see whether my remaining fallopian tube is any good! Its something I am determined to get now....I have no idea why I wasn't offered this before. I have had many many internal scans, colposcopys and have had a laporoscopy (when they removed my left tube)...but never a mention of an HSG.
I wasn't allowed to deliver my son in my left uterus....he ran out of room too....I made it to 34 weeks, which they said was surprising, and he was breech. At the time I had my vaginal septum so they didn't want to risk him coming out legs first incase he got stuck!!!!
Of course now I'll never have another pregnancy in my left womb cos of the lack of tube....which makes me very angry. The NHS were useless when it came to diagnosing my ectopic pregnancy, it took 3 weeks of bleeding, pains and blood tests for them to tell me it was probably a miscarriage....then I collapsed at home, and was rushed into hospital where they did a scan, found the ectopic and finally did emergency surgery where they had to remove the baby and tube cos it was nearly rupturing. During the same time my right side was bleeding heavily and I had to have my right tube drained. It was all a disaster and I'm very bitter....if only they'd have scanned me sooner they could have saved the tube on the side I know works!
Anyway...sorry to waffle!!!! I'm actually on a course of clomid at the mo ( I wasn't ovulating reguarly either) and am off for an internal scan on tuesday to see if any eggs have appeared. So I think I'll ask if the doc can have a look at my cervix carefully. I feel quite consumed by this at the minute....its all I can think about, and is having a terrible effect on my relationship with my husband, I'm constantly crying and being moody....which isn't like me, normally I'm a strong resiliant kind of woman. I just feel the only way of making it all better is to get pregnant again....I hope its possible! I do get very resentful of 'normal' women, popping babies out everywhere with different men....I guess I need to come to terms with what has happened and what I am. How long did this take for you??? If you don't mind me asking, how long each time you tried to get pregnant did it actually take?
Again,I 'm sorry if I've gone on a bit.....but I feel I'm talking to someone who actually understands me!!!!!! Thanks Nell.x
Reply [email protected]
6:26 AM on May 21, 2009 
Hi Nell, thanks for the advice. It makes me wonder if maybe I do have 2 cervices but one is like yours and very small....I think I will ask docs to investigate this further! The fact that yours is small didn't affect you falling pregnant in that womb did it? I would really really like an HSG to determine exactly what my anatomy is. Do you not feel angry and resentful about this condition? I just wish I was normal!!! I used to think of it as being rather exciting and different, but now even after 15 years of knowing, it feels like a burden...one that I could do without!
However, like you said even docs can never be sure even after a diagnosis...you are the living proof of that!
Reply [email protected]
9:43 AM on May 20, 2009 
Hi Nell,
I just wanted to say that your post has given me some hope that there may be light at the end of the tunnel....although it does sound as if you have had a very troubled time along the way. I'm sorry to hear of your losses...but thrilled to hear that you are expecting again. I just hope we get there in the end too!
I hope you don't mind me asking, but do you have 2 cervixes too? I only have one....but two of everything else.