My Story

At 14, I realised when I used a tampon, the bleeding would continue. I discovered that I had a septum separating my vagina into two. At first, doctors thought it may be an 'abnormal' hymen, which can be treated more easily. But after scans and examinations, it was discovered that I did indeed have two vaginas. They soon had me in hospital ready to remove the septum, which is all I wanted at the time, but it turned out that it was slightly more complicated than thought and they weren't comfortable to operate. They found that I had two cervices, and I may have had a bicornate or 'heart-shaped' uterus. I was confused and upset but I was very fortunate to have wonderfully supportive friends and family around me. I then went in for an MRI scan so they could take a proper look. I lay in a whirring tube with gentle music in my ears and a breeze on my face and let them get on with it! After this it turned out that I did indeed have a complete double set of reproductive organs; Uterus Didelphys. I was heartbroken, especially as by this time I was still only 15 and desperately wanted to be 'normal'. I was told nothing could be done and I'd have to learn to live with it. After a lot of research however, we found a female gynaecologist in London who could help. It took a long time to find someone in the UK who could remove the septum for me if I wanted. As a 15 year old girl, this was was one of my biggest concerns at the time. Once I found out that something could be done, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I was grateful to have options. As I am fortunate to not have excessive discomfort as a result of UD, I opted not to have any surgery.

Now in my mid twenties, I couldn't be more comfortable with who I am and what UD means for me.

There are difficulties that arise due to UD, but I think it is important to remember that so many women have challenges and we are not alone in that. Although this condition can cause complications with conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, UD itself rarely prevents conception and many women on this website have children. UD can cause difficulties during menstruation (I have to use two tampons, for example) and it is important to be comfortable enough to discuss UD with partners prior to sex, since it could cause some discomfort for you if your partner is unaware.

Whether you're very new to the condition, or have known about it for years and simply want to talk about it and share your experiences, I hope you will find this a comfortable place for you to be open, find out more, talk to others and help others as well as yourself. I really look forward to hearing from you all! 

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience with UD.