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This is a website for people with Uterus Didelphys and related conditions to meet and speak. We aim for a friendly, supportive atmosphere so we can feel comfortable to discuss our condition together. Please make use of the forums and enjoy! 

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Uterus Didelphys

Uterus Didelphys is a condition which results in a woman having two uteri (wombs), two cervices and sometimes two vaginas, due to a vaginal septum. It is thought that this develops due to the mullerian ducts ('two halves') of the reproductive system that we all start out with not fusing as they should before birth. There are many other similar conditions and variations of Uterus Didelphys.

Who is this site for?

When I was diagnosed, there were very few people to talk to, inaccurate information online, too much intimidating medical information and very little support available. I know that someone to talk to would have been so welcomed. If you're in a similar situation, this site is for you and there is somebody to talk to here.


If you would like to read of my experience with UD, you can read more here.


Please find us on Facebook or get in touch below. We can't wait to hear from you!

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This website was a breath of fresh air to me since there aren't many people that have this so not everyone knows about it. Working in the health care field, people are shocked to find out that I have this condition. it fascinates me to be able to learn more about it so I can be able to explain it to other people.

 I am happy to stumble across this page with other women going through the same. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Thanks! Message received

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